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Who are we

As one of the main local companies in São Paulo, our great reputation has been earned thanks to a close relationship with our customers over the years. We believe they all deserve the highest level of care, and that's exactly what we're committed to. Contact us to learn more.

Sobre: Sobre

The beginning of our history


ATropic AudioIt was a project that my younger brother Flávio and I started discussing 7 years ago (in 2010), we started researching the possibilities of producing the speakers, but unfortunately he got sick and we put the project on hold, and in 2015 he died.

The company started in May 2017, when I started thinking about a name for the company and the name that had the most weight was Trópic Audio. This name made more sense because my father had some businesses in Itanhaém-SP such as Cafeteria "Tropicália Sucos e Panquecas" in the center of the city. And over time he opened another business, with Sorveteria Tropicália on Av. Peruíbe on Praia dos Sonhos, years later he ended up opening a video store also with the same name. This is a name in honor of my father, who passed away in Nov 1990. A great achiever, he always trusted and believed in his instincts. A name that marked the 80s.

In June, already with some machinery acquired, I started to study a lot about carpentry and acoustic boxes. In my research, I ended up deciding to go with solid wood speakers, a very pleasant sound and together with the natural beauty of the wood, showing its designs and veins. Another important point is the choice of speakers, which I initially used from the Eastech brand of 4" 1/2 which, by the way, are very good. And as in the domestic market it is very difficult to find residential speakers in 8 ohms with a more beautiful appearance , in person I ended up looking for a manufacturer that had its trajectory in a leading company in the national market for 40 years, today with its own company producing my speakers in Kevlar and adjusting it so that it is even better.

Always looking to improve our products, today our speaker supplier is one of the market leaders producing for the professional sound market and with a lot of Know-How in the subject. Our speakers have characteristics such as those of renowned brands in the world market, which further strengthened this partnership, continuing with products in Kevlar, now in Oliva Green and Matte Black Satin.

This is our story, and we are always looking for the best for our customers and improving our products.


Tropic Audio Woodwork

Fabio Mascarenhas

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